Name of Value Added Courses
No. of Students Completed in the Year
1Company Specific & AMCAT Exam Training45
2Analysis and Synthesis of signals using mixed signal processors21
3Digital VLSI Design23
4Fundamentals of modeling and programming23
5Network Simulator 2 (NS2) for wireless networks24
6LabVIEW Core 122
7Sensor Technology26
8Digital design analyze using Chipscope Pro25
9Data Processing and Visualization30
10Advanced Network Simulator 2 (NS2) for wireless networks28
11BEC Training Programme561
12LabVIEW Core 224
1IEEE Blended Learning-RTL Verification using Verilog26
2Interfacing of Devices with ATMEGA processor23
3HDL coding of digital circuits using XILINX 12.1 tools22
4Various methods to generate signal 23
5CISCO- Introduction to Cisco Networking22
6Graphical Programming19
7Mixed Signal Processors 21
8Hardware modeling with HDL using Quartus II and Vertex Kit23
9Two dimensional data analysis for real time23
10Advanced sensors in real time applications24
11Advanced Graphical Programming22
12BEC Training Programme647
1Japanese Language Training (N4 & N5)112
2Testing and verification of analog devices26
3Digital circuit implementation in FPGA using HDL26
4Audio signal processing in real time applications26
5Internet Connection on network routers by CISCO27
6Acquire, Analyze and Visualize using LabVIEW24
7Advanced Embedded C Programming23
8IC design using EDA front end tool22
9Medical image processing and its analysis23
10Advanced networking of gateway by CISCO22
11Data acquisition and signal conditioning using LabVIEW19
1Embedded systems and IOT by CDAC21
2Embedded programming for modern processor22
3HDL modeling of digital circuits using XILINX 12.1 tool21
4Model-based design for signal processing20
5Home networking by CISCO20
6Graphical programming by LabVIEW20
7Product design and development26
8Digital design using mentor graphics back end tool26
9Image processing analysis using aphelion dev software26
10Wireless networks for smart city applications27
11Object-Oriented Design and Programming using LabVIEW24
12Japanese Language Training (N4 & N5)111
1Electronic components design and development24
2Digital system design using FPGA19
3Generation of data analysis in noisy signal25
4Cryptography and network security in wireless networks 18
5Modular programming22
6Hardware design and implementation22
7Analog IC design using EDA tool21
8Model-based design for image processing20
9Advances in wireless communication & network security 20
10Machine Vision using LabVIEW20
11Japanese Language Training (N4 & N5)337
Name of Value Added Courses
No. of Times Offered During the Same Year
No. of Students Completed in the Year
1IoT using Arduino119
2Hardware modeling with HDL using SPARTAN 3E FPGA kit118
3Bio- signal processing119
4Data Communications and Network Services118
5LabVIEW based system design118
>6Embedded system design using PIC microcontrollers124
7Hardware modeling with HDL using Spartan 6 UTLP Kit119
8Image processing using Imagine open software124
9Characterization and simulation of Smart Antennas118
10LabVIEW Based FPGA Design121